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Disgrace and Terror

Corporation Northeast



Formed in 2001, Disgrace and Terror comes up with the proposal to play Thrash / Death metal with quality, brutality, and while centered on the best metal made on the eighties. The band made its first appearance on stage in its hometown Belém/PA - Brazil in February of 2002, in the second version of "Noise Brutal Festival". The band then played at the major festivals in 2002 in the city of Belém and within the state, festivals such as "The World Cremation", "Xtreme War Lust", "Belém Underground II", "Kaverna Rock Fest" (in Breves/PA - Brazil and in Marajó/PA - Brazil) and also played out of state at the first edition of "Rock Festival São Luís” sharing the stage with bands from all over Brazil. Disgrace and Terror then played as "opening act" in Belém/PA - Brazil, sharing the stage with Brazilian renowned bands (such as Funeratus, Torture Squad, NervoChaos, Krisiun, Andralls, Claustrofobia, Executer among others) and International ones, such as Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse. The band recorded in July of 2003 its demo-CD called "THE WAR" (recorded at AUDIO MIX Studios in Belém-PA), that had four songs and got great reviews from the media all around the country. In September of 2004 the band recorded its first Full Lenght CD at the renowned "Da Tribo" studio, in São Paulo/SP - Brazil, where were recorded some of the most respected albuns of many brazilian bands of the style until that time. The CD, called "SHADOWS OF VIOLENCE", contains 12 tracks of pure brutality, which was released independently in August 2005. In October of 2005 the band played at the 6th Edition of one of the biggest festivals of the National Underground Scene, the "Brutal Devastation” in Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil. In July of 2006 the band started the first part of the promotional tour of its debut album ("Shadows of Violence Brazilian Tour '06"), that crossed through 10 cities / 06 states in North and Northeast of Brazil, playing also at one of most traditional festivals in Brazil: “Forcaos” (Fortaleza/CE - Brazil). In the beggining of 2007 the band changes its line up, with the departure of the former guitarrist. After solving that problems, the band keeps on the road, adding more than 20 shows in 9 different states in Brazil. In 2008, the national tour and the songwriting for the new CD continue and in 2009, to celebrate the 8th years of the band, Disgrace and Terror announced the "East of Violence Tour", that crossed other 9 cities in 6 different states in the Northeast of Brazil. At the same time, the band signs a deal with FREEMIND RECORDS and DISTRO ROCK RECORDS to release a Split Cd called “TERROR NUCLEAR” (shared it with the band "Inferno Nuclear"), where you can find more 4 new songs. At the same year, the band was invited to be the "opening act" for the band Onslaugth in its "South of Hell Tour" (in Belém/PA - Brazil). After a new change of line up, the band invites Renato Costa (from the band "Anubis") to join them and to continue with the songwriting of the next CD. In 2013 new album "The Final Sentence" with tour at Brazil, 2014 the band turn new line-up with Vinicius C. (Guitars), Aldyr Rod(Drums) and Rot(Bass/Vocals), realized the Tour at Sulamerica in 4 countries, Join to the Thrash Metal Terror.

Style: Thrash / Death Metal
Time on road: 14 years

Banda: Disgrace and Terror 
Location: Belém/Pará 
Gênero: Thrash/Death Metal

Active Since:2001 

Current Lineup:

Corporation Northeast

Aldyr Rod Drums (2001-present)
See also: Trevas, ex-Via Crucis
Rot Vocals (2001-present), Bass (2014-present)
See also: Trevas
Vinicius Carvalho Guitars (2014-present)
See also: A Red Nightmare, Anubis, Morticinum, ex-Distorttion


The War (Demo) [2003] 
Terror Nuclear (Split) [2009] 
Terror Nuclear / Shadows of Violence (Compilation) [2011] 
The Final Sentence (Full-length) [2013] 
El Papa Negro (Full-length) [2015] 
Grief, Disgrace and Terror (Split) [2015]

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