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Liatris is a gothic /progressive metal band from Vitória da Conquista, Brazil, and its main feature is having well done instrumental melodies with female lead vocals.

Another band, Sorrow’s Embrace, which played only cover songs based on Gothic Metal, was the starting point for Liatris. Having many musicians along its lifespan, Sorrow’s Embrace eventually disbanded. However, Larissa, Fabio and Diego Oliveira, the ones that started Sorrow’s Embrace, have stayed in Liatris together.

In 2006, Larissa, Fabio, Diego Oliveira, Diego David, Luca and Joilson started playing their own songs with Liatris, their brand new band. The first gig only happened in January 2007 because the band members had been too busy preparing their own songs. Since then, the band’s been performing quite regularly.

In June 2007, their first musical record, a demo CD called “Figment”, was released. Right now, Liatris is rehearsing and preparing new songs for “Oneiric”, their first full-length album.

Banda: Liatris
Gênero: Gothic/Progressive Metal
Origem: Vitória da Conquista - Bahia

Years Active: 2006 - ?
Lyrical Themes: Time, life, philosophy and feelings
Last Label: Unsigned/Independent

Last Lineup:

Luca Oliveira Bass
Joilson Porto Drums
See also: Mictian, ex-Inside Hatred
Fabio Oliveira Guitars, Vocals (clean)
Diego Oliveira Guitars, Vocals (clean, grunts)
Diego David Synths
Larissa Hyuga Vocals (female)

Corporation Northeast


Demurred Demo 2006 
Figment Demo 2007

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