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Venomous Breath

Corporation Northeast



Venomous Breath was raised in the year of 2011, in Campina Grande (city in the state of Paraíba, Brazil) with the purpose to evoke the message eternalized by old demons. Fast tempos, morbid passages and low tunings are some of the elements that compose the work of these four adepts devoted to the timeless magic of the Old Metal of Death.

Lyrics depict personal themes, passing through psychological terror, existentialism and the death of god. Everything is mixed to a dense and profound atmosphere; without giving up the melodies and speediness common to the genre.

With a self-released demo and numerous live gigs along with bands such as Warhammer, Apokalyptic Raids and Sodomizer, the band is ready to release its first official album. Besides, a promotional version of the debut shall be launched, bringing 3 out of the 8 songs that will figure in the album.

Maniacs in the service of Possessed, Slayer, Nihilist, Master, Benediction, Dismember and Autopsy, JOIN US!

“If there is no god, everything is permitted...”

Corporation Northeat

Banda: Venomous Breath
Gênero: Death Metal
Origem: Campina Grande - Pa

Active Since: 2011
Lyrical Themes: Human, Death, Existentialism

Current Label: Hell Productions

Current Lineup:

Thiago Macedo - Vochaos & Morbid Screams
Sauron - Lord of all fevers and plague
Jairo Tellys - Four gallows of severed survivors
Jaime Guimarães - Sickly drums and deadly intentions

Past Members:

Felipe Rodrigues Guitars (2011-2015)
(See also: Necrocult, ex-Ataque Violento)


Deathearsal - (Demo) [2012]
 Promo - (Demo) [2014]
 Et Viscera Sanguis (Full-length) [2014]

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