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Jezebedth - Rehearsal (Demo) [2008]

Corporation Northeast

Banda: Jezebedth
Gênero: Black Metal
Origem: Recife - Pe

Ative Since: 2006
Lyrical Themes: Blasphemy, Darkness, Disgrace, Sex, Fantasy
Label: Independent
Format: Unknow

Álbum: Rehearsal (Demo) [2008]


1.Desire of The Satanic Exhumer 01:45
2.Black Visions of Death 01:20
3.The Blood of Dead Bitch 02:04
4.Jack Estripator 02:26
5.Wings of Destruction 02:26
6.Perverse Command Of The Demoniac Penis 02:14
7.In a Red Cemitery of Blood 01:44
8.I'm The Demon of The Iverted Cross 02:10
9.The Return of The Butcher 01:05
10.Whores Fornication and Red Orgasm 02:17

Total Playing Time: 20:36


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