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Jezebedth was formed in the year 6/6/06 e.v, formed by members Aberrancy (ex-vocals), Maniac Estripator (Guitar) and Tenebrarum (ex-Bass).
Since Journey, comes with a horde order to develop and express a sound black, pornographic, hateful. Jezebedth back on their lyrical themes monstrous:

Sex offender and murderer.

The Horde has gone through some changes of members, Aberrancy (ex-Vocals) created much of the lyrics where he developed the hateful writings of pornography and some satanic guitar riffs.
Tenebrarum (ex-Bass) the beginning of the horde recorded a sound fucking bass had a short period where the horde due some personal problems, such as studies and travels, currently Marine. Remembering that time at the beginning of Jezebedth, we had problems due to lack of a drummer, rehearsed with former drummer named Ivson, a death metal band called Crucifixion. For some personal problems it left the band, spent a period stopped for lack of a drummer.
Hence arises an evil being and misanthrope on drums Lord Occult (Mortal Wish), also a member of a horde very fucking sound black, Demons of Creation and Lord Darkness, where he spent a short time rehearsing with the band, recorded and released with his own label Suicide Apology Rec. in 2006 and the demo bitch bizarre Black Visions Of Death was released with 5 hymns:

. The Return of the Butcher,
. Black Visions of Death,
. The Blood of Dead Bitch,
. In the Red Cemitery of Blood,
. Wings of Destruction.

The demo has a raw guitar tone too dark.
After this recording the horde was stopped due to a period output Lord Occult personal reason for working, spent the period 2006 to the end of 2007 standing.

In 2008 comes a be brutal in the footsteps of drums, Nocturnicom (ex-Drums) where he spent the final period of 2007 to 2008 rehearsing with Jezebedth, this period comes five new hymns entitled:

. Desire of the Satanic Exhumer,
. Jack Estripator,
. Perverse Command of the Demoniac Penis,
. I'm the Demon of the Inverted Cross
. Whores Fornication and Red Orgasm.

Late 2008 the horde passes another stationary period with the departure of drummer.

Surge in 2010 two members of the flames rising spirit of black porn Jezebedth, Toturador (Bass & Vocals) with a lot of influences sex fiend and member of a band fucking lot of Recife, Carrasco.
Another member molester virgins, with their hit Blasphemator demonic running in drums.

In 2010, the celebrations Jezebedth returns to black in show Cabo Metal Fest, playing alongside with hordes and real fucking: Uraeus, Ungodly Priest, Demogorgon, Moloch and Cadaveric Infection.

Today Jezebedth performs a sound that can manifest in the form of a demon really exciting, something the devil feel before our glorious guitar riffs, bass and drums with lyrics rapist.

Banda: Jezebedth
Gênero: Black Metal
Origem: Recife - Pe

Active Since: 2006
Lyrical Themes: Blasphemy, Darkness, Disgrace, Sex, Fantasy
Curretn Label: Suicide Apology Records

Current Linup:

Lyon Guitars:Vocals (2006-present)
Torturador Bass: Vocals (2010-present)
(See also: Carrasco, Fulminante, ex-Moloch)
Odious Hefestos Drums (2014-present)
(See also: ex-Moloch)

Past Members:

Maniac Estripator: Guitars

Tenebrarum: Bass (2006-2009)
Lord Occult: Guitars, Drums (2006-2010)
(See also: Cadaveric Infection, Demons of Creation, Lord Darkness, Mortal Wish)
Aberrancy: Vocals (2006-2009)
Nocturnicon: Drums (2007-2009)
Blasphemator: Drums (2010-2013)
Pussy Devourer: Guitars (2010-2011)

Corporation Northeast


Black Visions of Death - (Demo) [2006]
 Rehearsal - (Demo) [2008]
Peverse Command of the Demoniac Penis (EP) [2014]

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