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Evil Church

Corporation Northeast



which black metal had been; moving away each time more from its supreme values, ideals, principles and ideas comes Evil Church with firm and serious purposes of rescue and maintenance for an honored movement of strong ideological bases.
is the year of rising of the most atrocious and merciless entity to crush all weakness that miserable creeps on this dirty and agonizing planet. Firstly with five black souls, that last in this formation for only some months. But it was truly with a consolidated quartet that it came the first hateful manifest of satanic propaganda launched in the banal year of 
by the title “Lust To The Satan’s Throne”. With this marked act of war comes the spreading in live rites. Changes occur in the front of war and in
with the surprising leaving of two of the funding members, the responsible for one of the dissonances “Iscariot” and “Lord Magician” the band reduced itself to a trio with “Maleficarium666” assuming the command holocaust artillery in this last one’s place solidifying then the most powerful and effective formation of this war machine. Finally the second implacable hateful opus “Brains Rotten For Lies” is launched with intolerant fury above all biased and melodic mediocrity self called Black Metal. An Obscure universe where only ideology, honor, moral, hate and darkness might prevail in its black essence and convictions.
marks the convocation of “Ignis Letiferum” to assume the ceremonial drums of cult to chaos and since then new invocation hymns to lycanthropic battle instincts full of hate and intolerance to everything that represents weakness and mediocrity have been forged in the purest black fire. Black Metal is for few and Evil Church is not here for entertainment but to diffuse strength ideals and to spread satanic terrorism above this pathetic world corrupted for infamies from the Christian and Zionist slag. Consolidating our battles, is released the debut cd in early
under the title “Subjugating the Faith’s Crawlers” and to disseminate this anti humanist opus a Brazilian tour is scheduled. “The Antichristian Conflagration Tour 2010” will be unleashed in may... 

Banda: Evil Chucrh
Gênero: Black Metal
Origem: Fortaleza - Ce

Active Since:2002
Lyrical Themes: Blasphemy, Satanism, War
Current Label: Impaled Records

Current Lineup:

Smashing - Bass and Vocal´s
Baal Moloch - Drums

Past Members:

Lord Magician: Drums
Scariot: Guitars


The Lust Satan's Throne (Demo) [2005]
 Brains Rotten for Lies (Demo) [2007]
 Subjugating the Faith's Crawlers...(Full-length) [2010]

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