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Suffocation of Soul



Thrash Metal band with strong influences of Traditional Heavy, coming Poções - Bahia and is on the road for five years, has released two CDs and several shows in his luggage.

Formed in 2006 by: Tarcisio Correia (guitar), Marlon Pacheco (drums) and Andre Costa (bass and vocals), the band also had with guitarist Higgor Sampaio who attended some shows and came out the following year. Working temporarily as a "power trio", follows the routine shows and begins the process of writing the first album. Also in 2007 with the addition of a new guitarist; Mauro Cunha, the group makes presentations in various cities of the state, however, for professional reasons, Mauro leaves the banda. In September 2008 we started the recording process of the Demo-CD, entitled "DEMONIC EMPIRE" which features four songs by the author. Here's the line-up is completed with the entry of Mauricio Souza (guitar).

The repercussion of the demo "Demoniac Empire" project definitely banda metal scene in Bahia, and the group participates full schedule of events leading Heavy Metal Bahia, getting to play for an audience of 8,000 people and receiving nominations banda revelation in some . Reaping the fruits still Demo cd, the Suffocation of Soul participates in several compilations among them the "Wings of Blood (Guillotine Records)" which contains 15 bands, which were from Brazil, Portugal and Mexico and has distribution throughout Europe.

The group makes a pause in new shows to produce Ep "THE LAST WAY OF MADNESS" released by labels: "Insult Prod" (SE), "Underground Distro" (AM), the Ep has been well received good reviews from specialized media, showing a banda professional and mature. Currently the quartet on this tour publicizing this work, enabling concerts across the country.

Banda: Suffocation of Soul
Gênero: Trash Metal
Origem: Poções/Ba


Tarcisio-Lead Guitar
Mauricio-Lead Guitar


Demoniac Empire (2008) Demo
The Last Way of Madness (2012) EP
The First Attack - 2014

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