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Heretic Execution


Band conceived and formed in early 2012 by Lead guitarist Israel Ferrão and vocalist Alexandre "Disgracedeath" Nunes in Salvador/Bahia/Brasil, with the proposal of playing old school death metal influenced by Sarcofago, Autopsy, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Death, old Sepultura and others. In the early trials are recruited the bassist Icaro Senhorinho and the drummer Leonardo, after a year of rehearsal's, the band recorded the first demo CD titled "Contemplating the Obscurity" containing 4 tracks. In october 2014 released EP Evil and Doom.

Banda: Heretic Execution
Gênero: Death Metal
Origem: Salvador - Ba

Line up:

Alexandre "Disgracedeath" - Vocal
Israel Ferrão - Guitar
Eucini Santy - Guitar
Ícaro Senhorinho - Bass
Bruno Resende - Drums


"Contemplating The Obscurity" (Demo,February 2013)
"Evil and Doom" (EP, October 2014)

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