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Primordium BR


Brazilian death metal band formed in 2000 in Natal / RN by Gerson Carvalho and Alexander (former bassist). After a year of many changes in training, in 2001 the band enters the studio and record the demo: The Grand Elevation Of Pagan Temple, material which has four compositions: The Grand Elevation Of Pagan Temple, Bathory's Throne, The Wings Of The Hydra (Therion) and Soldiers Of Hell (Running Wild). In 2002 the band enters the studio again, this time to record their debut demo The Sacred Valley Of The Kings. This material has four new songs: Aton (God Of Light), Twilight of the Gods, The Sacred Valley Of The Kings and OsirisTribunal, with the theme focused on all ancient Egypt. In 2007 the band starts the production of their debut-album titled "Todtenbuch" conceptual work based on the Book of the Dead in Ancient Egypt. This new firecracker will feature 12 new songs and a remake of the demo (Osiris Tribunal). The release date is for the first half of 2014.

Banda: Primordium BR
Gênero: Death Metal
Origem: Natal (Rio Grande do Norte)

Line up:

Gerson Lima - (vocal)

João Felipe Santiago - (bass)
Lux Tenebrae - (guitars)
Alex Duarte - (guitars)
Augustus Caesar - (drums)


The Grand Elevation Of Pagan Temple - Reh Tape (2001)
The Sacred Valley Of The Kings - Official Demo (2002)
Gates Of Re-Staú (Conjuration Of Daemon Apopi) - EP (2012)
Todtenbuch - Debut Cd (2014)

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